Shoot the B-roll footage

While you should strictly stick to your shot list and storyboard, you should take the opportunity to shoot B-roll footage (extra footage that can be cut away during editing). This could be shots of your location from different angles, shots of the crew and cast getting ready – anything that grabs attention and fits the theme of your video.

Post production

How you produce a video: post-production. 

Post-production is taking your best shots, stitching them together, editing them to the desired length, recording voiceovers, correcting colors for the video, and adding music and special effects.

Edit your video

The first step in editing is to gather your best shots and import them into your video editing software.
Cut each clip so that it contains only the most important things to make it easier for you. Now drag it into a rough timeline. Group and organize your B-roll material. Then work through the script and storyboard and organize your footage correctly.

Record a voiceover

If your video needs a voiceover, you may need to do it yourself or hire someone (see the section on actors in post-production). Just as with the on-camera actor, voiceovers need instructions. Make sure they fit your audience and that the way they deliver the script reinforces your core message. Once the voiceover is recorded and edited, add it to the timeline in your editing software and sync it to the appropriate footage.

For example, you could show an animated diagram to illustrate an important figure. Or you might want to show an animated mockup of a product you’re explaining. Maybe you just want a screen capture of you scrolling through your product’s website as you explain it.

These effects can take your video to the next level and achieve results that sometimes you can’t get with just filming. The – production company germany is your contact for all questions.